About Us

BUILD-DEV is a traditional building company supplying products and services into the housing industry.

All that and so much more... Building your new home would still use all the traditional trades but take less time to build, due to the fact it is a world-class, well thought out, proven assembly system.

And you still have the ability to design your home with minimal restrictions.

There is a great saying we have all heard:

You can’t keep doing the same thing with the same products and expect a better outcome:

The building industry has been very slow to move with new evolving technology, systems and products.

Build-Dev understands the amount of time consumed in the building industry sourcing products to site on time and for the right price and quality.

What if you could access a complete home in one flat pack delivery, in a container to site or building yard? (see Inclusion List)

And what if the materials used exceeded:
  • Structural strength
  • Seismic ratings
  • Thermal R value (R 7-9)
  • Argon filled double glassing windows as standard
  • Fire rating (2hr+)
  • Sound transmission class ratings (STC)
  • Moisture absorption – will not suffer structural degradation from water damage in the unlikely situation water ingress did happen.
  • Recycled products - to use a majority of recycled materials and have the ability to recycle at the end of the life cycle of the home.
  • CodeMark certification for all products supplied.
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