Second Dwelling

Your Complete Guide to Second Dwellings (often called 'granny flats')

Did You Know a Granny Flat Could be the Perfect Investment?

IF YOU ARE searching for a safe investment in Australian property, then the ideal solution for you could be a granny flat.

Although the regulations for constructing and renting out a second dwelling or granny flat will vary from one region to the next, financial planners point out that second dwellings are an affordable way of adding value to your house and investing in rental property in a safe manner.

Simply put, it is a practical and accessible way of maximizing the value of your house, by using an asset that you own already - your backyard.1

Saved from all of the hassles or risks of purchasing new property, what a second dwelling does is create a convenient way for regular families to participate in the property investment market.

You would not only benefit from having an affordable accommodation option and chance for rental income; you would also increase your home's value.

The second dwelling or granny flat is a perfect solution for families that have young adults who aren't able to afford to move away from home just yet, but still allows for extra space and independence from parents, in addition to future rental opportunities.

Or as another option, if you are considering a second dwelling solely as a way to enter the property market, then this is the safest option that is available to you.

Do You Have Elderly Parents?

With concerns over quality of care for the elderly and increasing costs, having a second dwelling of your own will provide you with the needed space for keeping your parents close to you, without having to encroach on anyone's independence and privacy.
For retirement living, it is an excellent option.
Our specialist design team has the experience to know precisely things that need to be taken into consideration when building a space for seniors.

They include details such as the following:

  • Easy access into the main hose
  • Large bathrooms that have flush floors
  • Easy to maintain and functional kitchen
  • Large doorways

These are all essential details that need to be kept in mind when a granny flat is being considered for elderly parents.

Is your study not quite making the cut as your home office?

There are many benefits that come from working from home: no commute, financial benefits, more time to spend with your family and a flexible environment, to name a few.

Some problems come with it as well: insufficient dedicated space, constant interruptions, no separation between work time and home time.

Consider investing in a Build-Dev Customâ„¢ Granny Flat.

With a broad range of options that can be adjusted for suiting your specific requirements, we will be able to help tailor a specific solution just for you.

You can easily turn one to two bedrooms into one to two offices, a welcoming area for visiting clients or a staff kitchen area.

These are some of the basic changes that our design team would be happy to discuss with you.

Most important of all, each evening you leave work and return home - and relax not in your office but in a comfortable family space.

Children have finished school but aren't quite ready to move out on their own?

High living costs makes it very hard for university students and young adults to take the initial steps towards independence.

The solution can be provided by a Build-Dev Customâ„¢ Granny Flat.

Having a separate space for your students to live in will provide them with the independence and freedom they need while also cutting down on the costs of having to live away from home.

For an excellent two bedroom solution for the ideal teenage retreat, check out this Kalaru granny flat.

There is even a laundry, so they won't have any reason for asking Mum to do the washing for them!

A guest room isn't sufficient for regular visitors?

With families widely dispersed all over the world, regular (and long term at times) visitors are something that is familiar with many people.

Although a guest room might do the trick, just think what it would be like to be able to provide a private and spacious guest retreat for your visitors.

With their own living space, kitchen, bathroom and plenty of room to spread out, it provides everybody with extra space for enjoying their visitor without getting in one another's hair.


Do you need help with deciding on the best Granny Flat solution?

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